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Services available at Mall Of Switzerland, Switzerland VALET PARKING You can avail the Valet Parking service at the mall. Direct accessibility from four parking levels. Parking ticket machines on all parking levels Facilities available at Mall Of Switzerland Covered connection from the SBB train station (Buchrain) and bus station (Fildern) Electric car charging stations Electric bike charging […]

Mall Of Switzerland Services

The Mall of Switzerland is a shopping center in Ebikon in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland. With a total area of 65,000 square meters, the mall is the second largest shopping and leisure destination in Switzerland after completion. Customers have access to full-coverage Wi-Fi , information points, lounge areas with living room character and wardrobes. This includes a delivery service in collaboration with Swiss Post . Mall of Switzerland’s dining […]

Mall Of Switzerland, Switzerland

Services available at Glatt Shopping Centre, Zurich, Switzerland VALET PARKING The Glatt Centre has over 4500 free parking spaces. The maximum parking time is 4 hours a day and is video monitored Parking is  only allowed during the official opening times Facilities available at Glatt Shopping Centre Child Minding Service ATMs Lost Property Office Gift Coins Ambulance SBB Sales […]

Glatt Shopping Centre Services

The Glattzentrum, more formally known as the Einkaufszentrum Glatt or Glatt shopping centre, is a shopping mall located in the Glatt Valley close to the Swiss city of Zurich. Politically, the mall is situated in the municipality of Wallisellen. The mall was opened in 1975, being modeled on similar malls in […]

Glatt Shopping Centre, Zurich, Switzerland

Services available at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia VALET PARKING Parking fee can be paid by Touch ‘n Go at all parking zones Free parking first 15 minutes (not applicable for Touch ‘n Go) LADIES PARKING Marked with bright pink stickers on the pillars for easy identification, Ladies Parking […]

Mid Valley Megamall Services

Mid Valley Megamall is home to a myriad of retail experiences unlike any other, ranging from a dazzling array of fashion and lifestyle innovations to home furnishings, cosmetics and healthcare essentials to wining, dining and all things entertainment. With 1.7 million square feet nett lettable and over four hundreds retailers […]

Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Services available at Istanbul Cevahir Mall, Istanbul, Turkey VALET PARKING You can avail the Valet  2 500 parking lots at the mall. Located on the B entrance of the mall, Vale Alfred offers valet parking service during the mall’s operating hours seven days a week. Facilities available at Istanbul Cevahir Mall Baby Changing […]

Istanbul Cevahir Mall Services

As the largest shopping mall in the city center, İstanbul Cevahir offers its visitors world class shopping 365 days of the year. Considered one of İstanbul’s symbolic venues, Cevahir is a shopping and leisure destination for tourists as well as locals. İstanbul Cevahir houses over 200 stores spreading across 6 floors, […]

Istanbul Cevahir Mall, Istanbul, Turkey