Glatt Shopping Centre

Services available at Glatt Shopping Centre, Zurich, Switzerland VALET PARKING The Glatt Centre has over 4500 free parking spaces. The maximum parking time is 4 hours a day and is video monitored Parking is  only allowed during the official opening times Facilities available at Glatt Shopping Centre Child Minding Service ATMs Lost Property Office Gift Coins Ambulance SBB Sales […]

Glatt Shopping Centre Services

The Glattzentrum, more formally known as the Einkaufszentrum Glatt or Glatt shopping centre, is a shopping mall located in the Glatt Valley close to the Swiss city of Zurich. Politically, the mall is situated in the municipality of Wallisellen. The mall was opened in 1975, being modeled on similar malls in […]

Glatt Shopping Centre, Zurich, Switzerland